Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I complain about not remembering my dreams, but then you have one you don't want to remember and that is the one you cannot shake from your head. As explained before, most people's bad dreams I enjoy. I love the monsters and zombie attacks, but there are a few dreams I've had I just cannot shake.

Probably a couple years ago I dreamt of a zombie apocalypse in which a virus caused everyone to become sick, die and ultimately become the living dead. A group of us were hold up in an old school with a fence around it we reinforced. My little puppy, Fulci, was with me and things were great, until the day Fulci died due to the virus. He came back from death and was positively mad. The only weapon I had near me at the time was a newspaper, think Sunday edition size, and I had to use this to beat my poor dog to death. I know this was all in my head, but I woke up freaking out and grabbed onto Fulci and wrapped my arms around him. It was not a memory I wanted to keep, but I can still see it.

This brings me to last night's terrible dream. My mother was killed in a car accident, and it was not a pretty sight. There were pictures of her body being shown on a TV, while my dad was talking about everything, with my mom's body ripped open in places and part of her face missing. The only thing that made this worse was I went to the side porch, in my parents' house, and there was my mother's corpse already ripe and decomposition had already begun. All I could do was say, "at least they could have left a body bag." Not sure what that means but it was an odd thing to say.

I guess I've seen too many things you cannot "un-see." The grotesque aftermath of car accidents and such from sites like or any of the ilk. Probably only a matter of time before something like this happened. Hopefully writing this out will help the sight escape my mind, or at least crawl into the back.


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