Thursday, May 7, 2009

I'm No Superman


For those who did not know, last night was the finale of [Scrubs]. There is a possibility the show could return, but the main cast we have watched for the last eight years will not be there. The episode was great. A mix of funny and some sentimental, enough to make you a little misty eyed but probably not enough for full tears to roll down your face. What I always liked about the show, at least in the earlier seasons, is their way to keep you laughing until they turn the corner and hit you in the face with heartbreak. Over the last few years there was a bit of departure from this original "formula." Things became a little more slapstick and the heart took a vacation. Sure, every now and again you would get a winning episode, like when Laverne died, but something just felt different.

For me, I prefer sadder endings to shows. This was touching, but in my mind I had a different take. I even adjusted it to flow with how the show was playing out up through the penultimate episode. J.D. has moved into his new place to be closer to Sam and is finishing up his last day at Sacred Heart. Everything plays out much like it did in the finale, but J.D. never hears what Dr. Cox says about him. He just leaves and that speech never happens. When Elliot arrives at his home she finds him on the floor and we find out he is dead, because of something he did not know about. At the funeral Dr. Cox eulogizes his true feelings for J.D. and we end. There was no more powerful moment in [Scrubs] history than the episode in season three when Ben dies. Just seeing the rough, manly Dr. Cox crying at the funeral was so intense. I wish we could have captured more of that for the last episode.

My idea is not the best, and would work better if there had maybe been some hints towards it, but with the way the season went that is the best I could do. There could have been a car accident, but that is how Laverne went. I still enjoyed last night's episode. The Janitor's "name" was great, I liked the sheet with the future films (Sam and Izzy getting engaged) and I loved seeing all of the people in J.D.'s final walk down the hall, especially the woman from the "My Old Lady" episode asking if he ever went on a picnic.

There were some great musical moments this season that I hope get released through iTunes or something - all of Gooch's songs, Ted doing "Hey Ya" and The Blanks version of the theme last night. Come on guys, give us these songs!

If the show does continue I will give it a shot. I would like to see where they go from here, and who they keep. I do like some of the new interns, but it will never be the same show.


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