Saturday, May 2, 2009

Return of the King?

I read late last night that Peter Jackson might be planning a return to the horror genre soon. After an interview with writer Stephen Fry on a UK film themed radio show. Fry said that Jackson was thinking about making a movie about some time-traveling Nazis who head back to to try and stop the birth of Jesus. The tentative title - The Christ Must Die.

Of course since the story was posted it has been confirmed by Jackson's people that this is not true. I guess a little film called The Hobbit is eating up all of his time. What. Ever.

Yes, the above plot sounds a bit ridiculous, but awesome at the same time. I would love to see Lord of the Rings fans' reaction to the trailer for a film like this directed by Jackson. Most would be highly offended and shocked I'm sure. The casual Jackson fan and film goer may not have checked out his back catalog (though they should), because if they did they would see a very different director. He was all about the crazy, over-the-top and offensive. From the extraterrestrial insanity of Bad Taste (1987), to the crass Muppet-like creatures in Meet the Feebles (1989) and the bloodbath of Dead Alive/Braindead in 1992 (shown in the above Japanese poster).

I know this man has something crazy still in him, I just wish he would bring it to the world. Sam Raimi is finally doing it again with Drag Me to Hell, in theaters later this month. Come on Jackson, step back over to the dark side.

[/film via Dread Central]


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