Thursday, April 30, 2009

TLC = The Learning Circus

When did TLC become a constant freak show?

Not every show on the network is related to this. They still have LA Ink, that chopper show, What Not to Wear and plenty of house shows. It just seems like the majority of the programming is geared towards some sort of freak. Look at the big, prime time shows.

Jon & Kate Plus 8 - This one is not so bad. Sure they are filming most of these kids growing up for the world to see because of all the multiple births, but what's next? I can just see the waste of life Octo-Mom becoming the next star on TLC. It has been confirmed that a UK company is planning to film documentary footage of the kids from now until they are eighteen. This will air across the pond and they are going to look for an American outlet. Please, no. This woman deserves no money and no more attention.

18 Kids and Counting - Formerly 17 Kids and Counting but these parents cannot keep it in their pants! This show is about a family with eighteen freaking kids because the parent feel "God's plan" for them is to have all these kids. Growing up in a house of these religious wackos is bad enough, but add having to deal with seventeen siblings and I cannot see how this is bad for the kids. Watch five minutes of the show and you will see what I mean.

Little People, Big World - Here is the first show about little people. The parents are midgets, four kids all normal size save for one, and he has a full size twin! This is not the only small show on the station, there is another called The Little Couple about two shorties who get hitched and their everyday life. Of course, they have a small dog too. I would much rather watch it if they had a Mastiff or an Irish Wolfhound. That would be entertaining.

Toddlers & Tiaras - This is one of the newer shows exploiting kids with whacked out parents. As if the child pageant world was not disturbing enough on its own, now we get to see these kids every therapy causing step of the way. Maybe if another JonBenet Ramsey happens the parents will actually get caught on tape so they won't get away.

Now, most of these are not as crazy as some of the other shows on the network. These really weird programs air repeatedly late at night and on weekends. There have been multiple shows on the worlds largest man. This guy lives in Mexico and weighed over 1,200 pounds in 2006. Since then he has lost over 500 pounds thanks to his, now, wife. He has had specials about his life, dating and marrying his caregiver.

After you leave the fat man's tent head over and check out the astonishing mermaid girl! This is an eight year old girl with a rare disease which cause her not to develop below the waist. She is left with legs fused together in the shape of a mermaid's tale.

What is next? I know of two more exhibits TLC has been displaying. The smallest people in the world features people with primordial dwarfism. That's right, regular little people were not enough. These guys and girls are smaller and have even higher voices. Hooray! Conjoined twins are another great attraction and they have them. Multiple shows on the conjoined of all ages, from sixteen year old girls all the way through the world's oldest (pictured at the top of this blog entry). Will they separate? Will they live? Will they date?

The Learning Circus has been some fun sideshow entertainment lately, I can't wait until they have a special on geeks. I suddenly have a hankering to watch Browning's film Freaks.

One of us!
One of us!
One of us!


Anonymous said...

You are an ass.

Damon said...

I wish I knew who you were and why you think I'm such an ass. I'm not the one in charge of their programming.

tedireizz said...

First off it's called The Learning Channel, which is why they show these shows, to let people know what's going on in the world. It was like this long before la ink and shows like that.

Second off You're a dick because you think that you're so cool calling people who are different freaks. you're probably the freak. That's why you're sitting here posting on your "blog" about people who are "freaks".

get a fucking life you bastard.

Shane said...

Haha!! Ive totally thought this for quite some time. Now you don't have to go to the circus to see the freaks anymore. Its all available right on your on couch at home. It rules!! Ive collected old freak show photos for years so this is great.I personally want to see a show on on dog boy or the lizard man.

Anonymous said...

Wait I have some thing better... TEC: The Exploitation Channel. Families/People should not exploit there children/themselves for personal gain(Yet this network promotes it). This is not educational in anyway, it is only someones polished life story. A great way of proving my point of expatiation is the recent divorce of The Plus 8 stars. Even after all of that with the two TLC still airs updated showings. This all is happening while the children need time to cope with the divorce.
The Little People, Massively overweight, and General "Freak" shows(Google that new Monkey Parents show)just keep piling in while others that have actual useful content die out. I agree with almost everything thing article says. It is not making fun of the people it is showing. Better is shown how the network is nothing like it's roots and is becoming a Circus.

Anonymous said...

I agree that "The Learning Channel" isn't really giving its viewers anything to learn and the network has become a joke in that sense. The article made me laugh and even though was a little harsh (the truth usually is), the shows still make for entertainment.

M. Gainer said...

I've also thought this for a long time. What exactly are people like tedireizz "learning" by watching the exploitation of these people? And let's get real...why not call them freak shows? That's exactly how TLC parades them around on their channel. What in the world are people supposed to learn by watching people multiply like gremlins? Or how morbidly obese people are removed from their homes by the fire department? WTF? Stupid TV for the stupid, I guess.

Anonymous said...

Its weridd,
ezpically with the 18 kids and counting sorry to dissapoint poeple but apparently shes pergant again so make it 19 and counting(since the 18th child turned out to be a twin!) haha! its just stupid, its like blame the poor geek in the sky!(God)
he can see everything and hear everything and definately knows everything(whats going in the bedroom?) Just stupid that its a plan, in a way its a plan to get famous, people might hate them, but by us watching them on t.v we just make them popular! the mermaid girl one is really quite cool, and upsetting. I wonder if the parents of 19 are jelous?


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

............ wow dude.......... although I agree with what was said about the eighteen kids and counting show u really need to get laid like bad the good thing about having to do a report on primordial dwarfism is that you get linked over to stuff posted by the real freaks of the world this site being a prime example again dude come on go get a nice fuck in (remember how you lost your virginity as a teenager.... just do it again there is no shame in hiring a prostitute i promise) u will find you have less time on your hands to post unnecessary bitch fits

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