Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Blah, Blah, Blah

I know I get annoyed easily, bitching and moaning over every little thing. The slightest inconvenience and I act like a fool. I have come to terms with my stupidity, but today I saw someone who is way worse than I have ever been.

The past week or so there have been some bank issues due to a deposit error so I've been trying to get everything back on track. I got a new check last night and went to deposit it as soon as I got home. The Chase bank near my apartment has an awesome deposit feature on the ATM, where it scans in the checks and prints their image on your transaction receipt. This gets rid of any problem with the bank saying they never got your deposit, at least I thought. Today I checked and it was not even showing a pending status on the deposit online, so off to Chase I drove.

When I arrived everyone was busy so I had to sign in and wait for the next available person, and there were two people ahead of me. No big deal, it is a little annoying but I just sat down to play Tetris on my phone. One pathetic game later I was still sitting, but I was next. By this time about five other people were now waiting alongside me. Most of them were quiet, but there was this woman who could not shut her mouth from the moment she entered the bank until I left. She did not have an account, but had a Chase issued cashier's check she wanted to cash. Because of this she had to wait for a manager to approve the transaction, and she did not like this at all.

"You're taking up my lunch break!"

"They don't care about their customers."

Once I was being helped the guy had to go check on something and said it would take him three minutes. He was gone probably around six minutes total. This woman must have been timing him, because about three minutes after he left I heard her behind me bitching, "that ain't no three minutes. He's gonna hear all about this when it's my turn." Sigh. While on my way out I heard her complaining to the customer service associate, while still not her turn in line, about how he was gone longer than three minutes. I just rolled my eyes and left.

Of course, she does work for Wal-Mart and they are all fucking morons anyway.


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