Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thieves and Cowards

While getting groceries out of my car earlier my downstairs neighbor came up to me to ask if I was home Saturday night. The reason - someone broke into her apartment. I know I'm probably a dork for thinking this, but it's a bit scary. Just to think if they would have gone up one more floor, to the third level, then it would have been me.

I have always kind of thought the good thing about being on the third floor is it acts as a deterrent for burglars. How many burglars really want to go through that much trouble? Sure, there are professional thieves who hit nice neighborhoods and such who would take the time to do a ton of planning, but where I live? This is a relatively ghetto area, lower income so most break-ins are probably from asshole petty criminals looking for electronics or things to pawn, so for those would they really carry a bunch of stuff down three flights of stairs? I would think they wouldn't, but I could most assuredly be wrong.

Even though my dog is small I wonder how much he would play in stopping a potential crook. If someone came up to my door, back or front, and started to make any noise would they stop when he began to bark? He barks at many noises outside the apartment, like people being too loud in the stairwell, or when I come home and fumble with my keys outside. I never really thought of Fulci as a guard dog, but he just might do the trick.

I can't even imagine how I would feel about someone stealing my stuff. I have renter's insurance and most of my stuff could be replaced, but it is a hassle. What if they took stuff I couldn't replace like my computer full of files, pictures and others? Not only would I be extremely pissed, but then there is the whole violation of personal space to consider. When I was young, about three or so, and my sister was still just a baby we came home with my mom and burglars were in the house. Luckily we scared them away, and while I don't remember if they actually got anything my mother was pretty shaken up by the whole ordeal. It could have turned really bad, really quick.

It's just a scary thing to think about.


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