Saturday, February 14, 2009

Stitch it Up!

As probably everyone in the world knows by now, there was a woman who gave birth to octuplets less than a month ago. If this were a birth that just happened, like Apu and Manjula, it would be one thing, but to have it done artificially?!

News has come out since the birth about the shady situation surrounding Nadya Suleman's octo-birth. She is single, lives with her parents, oh, and she has six other kids! By now she knows how to handle it all by doing first thing most moms do after giving birth, get a public relations team. If that was not bad enough then we find out all of the, now, fourteen kids have been injected into her by a doctor. She was already on food stamps, of course, how the hell else is she going to pay for those kids? Three of her previously existing kids are disabled, so she gets government money for them, upwards of $2000+ per month. Her eight newborns are all in NICU, which will average to around $1 million when all is said and done. Where is this money going to come from? California tax payers.

Once the kids get home, I'm sorry to her parents' home, she plans on going back to school for her master's degree in ... wait for it ... child and adolescent counseling. HA! When would a mother of fourteen children have the time for school? Before she went back to school for her bachelor's degree she was a psychiatric technician. I don't think anyone who does this, then tells Ann Curry she's unfairly judged because she's a single mother should be counseling anyone. People aren't judging you because you're a single mother, it's because you're a single mother with fourteen fucking turkey baster injected kids!

I used to think that Duggar family with seventeen rugrats was disgusting, but at least they did it naturally and take care of them by themselves for the most part. Suleman is counting on her parents, both in their mid to late 60s, for all the help. I hope her mother can handle it since her father went back to his native Iraq to work as a translator and driver to support the brood.

People should not have kids when they cannot care for them. If they can't pay, keep your legs closed; or in this case, stop having a doctor shove handfuls of fertilized eggs in your uterus. This doctor is under review, and he should be slapped. If, no wait, when the many bills for these kids is put upon California residents they better have her uterus yanked, or her vagina sewn up.

I wonder why she's getting death threats? Those poor kids, it's a shame their mom is such a dumb bitch.

Maybe if I stare at this long enough the stomach will explode. I can only hope.


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