Sunday, February 1, 2009

One year to go

That's right, only one more to go.  This time next year life will be over.  Maybe that is a little rash, but I will be 30 this time next year.  That's still a weird thought to me.  Most of the time I catch myself still feeling like a kid, or at least someone around 21, then someone calls me sir and that goes right out the window.

My birthday was fun, but rather uneventful ... well, kinda.  Last night my parents and sister came to Dallas and Jenny and I went out to eat with them.  It was good fun and fun, aside from idiots in the parking lot when we got there.  After dinner Jenny and I went back to her place and proceeded to watch Beerfest (which I had never seen and it was decent, Super Troopers is still their best).  Jenny fell asleep and about an hour in my stomach began to rumble.  I paused the movie and proceeded to take care of things.  When I flushed that is when the real fun began.  Clogged.  After searching the whole bathroom area I went to ask if she had a plunger.  No.  So twenty minutes before midnight, and the beginning of my 29th year, I was on my way to Tom Thumb for a plunger.  Class is thy name.  There are certain things you buy in any store that give you away.  When you rush into a supermarket around that time in pajama pants and only purchase a plunger it pretty much means one thing - you just made a mockery of some toilet.

The issue in the bathroom was resolved, candles were lit and it was officially my birthday.  Today Jenny made me brunch, we watched Cheers, came to my place with some Chipotle (my Sunday routine)and I put on Wall-E.  Before we left her place she gave me my birthday "cake."  I knew she was working on some sort of a dessert but I had no idea.  She brought out a Bento Box.  Confused.  The she brought out one of my new sushi plate sets my parents gave me with sushi cake!  It was chocolate cake and cream cheese frosting with Swedish Fist, Twizzler, fruit leather and Starburst accents!  There was even Starburst in the shape of ginger and wasabi.  Here is a picture, sorry it's crappy cellphone camera quality.

All in all it was a good birthday.  Next year I'm just going to hide under the covers of my bed and hope I just stay the same age.


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