Friday, February 20, 2009


The plan tonight was to grab a bite to eat and head to the 7:15 show of Slumdog Millionaire. We finished eating and it was about 6:55, so we headed in the car and booked it. The highway would be faster right? No, traffic. We pull up to Northpark AMC, the closest one showing the film, and hurriedly walked through the huge, packed parking lot, up the escalator and in the long line. Jenny then noticed this showing was sold out. Bah. Hopefully, we'll check it out Sunday afternoon.

Later when I arrived home the movie Drumline was on TBS. When this came out I was stoked to see a movie about drumline and band. Then I saw the movie. It's pretty bad, and not the style of marching band I like or care about. While reading all the comments people have to say about the movie on IMDb, arguing if it is good or not, I decided to watch some drumline/solo videos on You Tube. I really miss playing a lot of the time. Yes, I have a practice pad and sticks, but it's the playing with a line that was so much fun. On the other hand I wish things would have been very different.

After high school I was near my drumming height, and while I had some pretty damn good chops I soon learned they were nothing. Other students I met at UNT were so ahead of my skill level. The faculty has a lot to do with this situation. Burleson's band directors could not care less about drumline, percussion or anything we had to do with. We had ever rotating drum instructors (I still love Larry Gerber) and the constant directors could hold sticks, but that was about the extent of their percussive knowledge. Since graduating, I hear they have had some better instruction. If only it would have happened while I attended. Sure, I could have worked harder and it is not entirely the program's fault, but you can only go so far on your own.

I wonder how much different things would have been if I went to a different school, or ours actually taught the drumline well? Would I have actually gone on and tried to be in a corps with DCI? Would I have not been a little too intimidated at UNT and stuck with their wonderful music department?

Here are a couple sweet solos from You Tube. Yes the snare drummer is a wee bit cocky and the tenor player drops a stick, but they are both amazing.


Patrick said...

That first guy was beyond Cocky. Still great though. Really enjoyed that last one.

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