Saturday, February 28, 2009

Most things celebrities do in their daily life don't really matter to me. Sure, I read the gossip on different blogs, but it never really changes anything about my existence.

When I first heard about this whole Rihanna/Chris Brown thing I felt bad for her. I don't really have a clue who Chris Brown is, other than a guy I went to UNT with, but I highly doubt this is the same guy. Her music is not my style, but I will admit she has some talent. It really sucks when people are in a horrible relationship where they are physically abused, not that a mental type of abuse is not bad either (on that note, check out the trailer for the documentary Must Read After My Death HERE ON APPLE'S SITE). Then I saw the picture...

Wow! He really did a number on her. The word through the grapevine was that she was not interested in talking to him at all and was pissed. Rightly so. This all changed late last night. A mere three weeks after Brown beat the shit out of her, Rihanna has begun to reconcile at Puff Daddy's house.


This is not 100% confirmed as far as I know, but there has also not been any statement from her publicist denying it either. If she really went back to him, she deserves everything she gets. Yes, it's hard to get away from relationships like this, but at the same time I am fairly certain all of her friends, not to mention most of the nation, are giving her sympathy. She has all the support anyone could want in this type of situation, and now she's going to throw it all away? What a fucking idiot. Not to mention the thousands, if not millions, of girls across the world who look up to her now think it is alright to try to make such a volatile relationship work.

"Well, Rihanna's giving him another chance and I think that's brave. I'm sure he can change." Let me let you in on a little secret - he won't change. He will get pissed off again and the same thing, if not worse, will happen. Maybe it will actually knock some sense into her.


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