Monday, April 6, 2009

Grocery Pains

It seems every time I make my way to the grocery store I forget something. Doesn't matter how long I'm there, or if I walk down every aisle. I will get home and realize my error. I have a magnetic notepad on my refrigerator that I keep as up to date as possible but still I leave things off. I'm pretty sure I am not alone here, everyone forgets things from time to time, but every trip?

I used to say that if I had one wish it would be for a magical wallet that had the right amount of money in it for whatever I needed at the moment. It could be on a credit card, or cash for certain situations like tipping, but with each opening of it I had it all under control. When I get home from the failed trip to the market I want a fridge that does the same thing. Whenever I open it what I want to eat or drink at that moment is there. Sometimes I may want it to be ready to eat, and other times just the ingredients to cook. For example - I buy chicken breasts and separate them into freezer bags so I can use them in the future. The problem with this method is about half of the time I forget to move the bag from the freezer to the fridge in time and I end up having to quick thaw in the sink under running water. Not ideal.

Maybe someday I'll find that old, tarnished lamp and a genie will come out and grant me these two wishes. Not sure what the third will be. Maybe it will just be hoping it is not Robin Williams who comes out of the lamp.


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