Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Work Sucks

Ever since I left the world of call centers and annoying people I have been much happier. The freedom of being self-employed is great, but there have been MANY disadvantages too.

I am about to fill out a lease application for a rental house (cross your fingers for me) and it asks for employer. Under the info you fill out is this: "If Applicant is self-employed, Landlord may require one or more previous year's tax return attested by a CPA, attorney, or other tax professional." This just annoys me to no end. I have run into a similar problem before, and just because you work for yourself does not mean you need a CPA! I understand if you own a company with employees and such, but I am a freelancer. I even had a guy who didn't know what "freelance" meant. Idiots.

The main problem with this life is when there is no work, like now. Small jobs have been coming through randomly, but where is all the work? I know the economy is in the toilet, but I was hoping it would not kill the film business. Yeah, if I lived in L.A. I would not have this problem, but I don't want to live in L.A. Maybe that should tell me something about this career path.

I have thought about trying to get a second job, like at Central Market or something, but when, and if, a film/commercial job comes along I would not be able to just take the work. This is the type of business that you cannot have second jobs. It's hard enough having to work around the band, but I love doing it so I won't stop. I just wish we played more so then I would have the extra cash, but those guys have other jobs too.

Lately I have been thinking of looking for a full-time job, but I cannot bring myself to actually put forth the effort. I love the freedom I have now, and remember how much I hated being in that office environment. I have been writing more lately so maybe that could turn into something (Cory, I should finally have something to send you soon). In the meantime I'll just sit here and be depressed about the lack of work.


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