Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stamp Collection, Ha-Ha!

Today the US Postal Service, who I did recently complain about, released the images of the new Simpsons stamps. I cannot wait to get these!

Yes, I am a dork. I have loved The Simpsons for the last 20 years and now that they are getting their own stamps I have to buy them. Earlier I read some complaints by fans because Matt Groening drew them himself in his odd way, rather than the clean look the characters have evolved to over the years. They think this makes them look sloppy or childish, but I love the look. It is not as crude as their first incarnations, but it kind of blends today's look with the humble, squiggled beginnings.

I have never been one to collect stamps at all, but I guess eventually the post office will get you eventually. I love the Universal Monsters stamps but never bought any of them. These Edgar Allan Poe stamps are pretty rad, so I might buy some of those too. Maybe this means I'm getting old or lame or something.

If you are interested in The Simpsons stamps you can pre-order them HERE. They come out on May 7th.


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