Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On the Subject of Work

After all of the job complaining I was doing I may have found something of a silver lining. While perusing Facebook a couple of nights ago I found a posting on a PA group, for a staff position at Reel FX in Dallas.

This company does CG FX, Animation, Video Games and pretty much anything else you can think of in the post-production world. Some of the employees are formers of Industrial Light & Magic and Pixar, so needless to say they do top notch work. If you go to their website you can watch videos about the company and the work they have done. The film Open Season 2 was done by Reel FX and lately, and probably most notably to those who read this, they did the animated film Watchmen: Tales of the Black Freighter that went along with the huge movie release.

If I got this job I would be their lone staff production assistant. This would entail quite a bit of grunt work, and I would not get to be working on a set anymore. That does kind of suck, but there are plenty of upsides.

  • Steady pay
  • Benefits
  • Room for advancement within the company in most of the departments
  • In house classes in the different department and on the different types of software (i.e. After Effects, Maya, etc...)

It all sounds really sweet and I already had an interview today. The two women I met with seemed happy, but they probably have other applicants and want to find the right fit, which I understand. Everything did seem positive when I left and one of the women basically said she thought I would work out well.

After leaving the office/call center world I have never been happier. At first I thought it was just the freelance thing, but lately I'm not so sure that's the answer. Sitting around bored in the house wondering when the hell I am going to get to work again does not make me happy, the more creative aspects of "the industry" does give my life joy. Even though this would be back in a more structured office-like environment, I really think this might very well turn into a great thing for me.


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