Friday, April 10, 2009

How many times have you found yourself sleepy while in transit but are too uncomfortable to sleep? Those airplane seats are just too cramped to catch a few winks, and that person next to you on the train probably does not want your head on their shoulder. Worry no more! Get yourself the new Nap Strap!

For just $98.95 you too can look like an idiot to all those traveling around you. Sure, you could just spend about a tenth of the cost at your local hardware store for a roll or two of Velcro, but you would miss out on our fabulous, and luxurious, extras.

  • Plush removable fleece eyeshade
  • Noise-reducing foam earplugs
  • Detailed instructions on how to strap your head to a chair
  • Stylish velvet carrying pouch

Order now and you will be the envy of your next commute. Don't be the only person in First Class without one!

Act now, and for the same price you can get the Nap Cap, that is the same great product that adds a dashing black, or red, baseball cap to the mix.

[Source Vacation Gadgets via Gizmodo]


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