Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Poor Dog

Some of you may have read my facebook update about this yesterday, but I still wanted to write about it anyway.

Yesterday Jenny and I were sitting on my couch watching Food Network with Fulci curled up under his blanket between us. Pretty much a normal thing. All of a sudden he jumped up and was acting really weird, like he couldn't walk. It soon became evident, he was having a seizure.

I had no clue what to do. Jenny and I were freaking out. His legs were stiff, he couldn't stand and his head was twisted around almost upside down. All I could do was hold onto him while he was on the ground and pet him. Lucky for me Jenny was a little more together than I was. I wrapped Fulci in a blanket and she grabbed her keys and we were on our way to the car. She drove, called 411 and found a nearby emergency vet.

They checked him out, did some blood work and other tests and said he was alright. His phosphorus levels were low, which is common after a seizure, but that was all. The vet said to let him rest for the remainder of the weekend and he would be fine. Seizures can happen in sighthounds but unless they last more than a couple of minutes, or begin to happen very often, it should not be a problem.

Since all of this happened he has been fine. Sleeping, eating and playing as normal. Hopefully this will not turn out to be a problem. I feel a bit like a fool for how helpless I seemed during the seizure. I have been around human emergency-type situations and never felt this way. I will just chalk it up to how I feel about everything involving my puppy, or most other animals for that matter. With a human you can explain to them what is happening, or what they just endured. Fulci does not understand that, I can only imagine how scared he must have been. If it was anywhere close to how I felt then it is bad. I am just glad I was here to hold him and maybe he felt a little comfort when he came to because he saw me there.


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