Monday, April 20, 2009

Work Still Sucks

Here I am, torn again. Work has been ridiculously slow (read: non-existent)and besides going broke I'm getting a little stir crazy. A little over a week ago I got a call for some reality show that was going to be here during May and June. I sent them my availability and resume but never heard back. Not a surprise. She said the majority of the work would be weekends, and Seamus Stout is booked pretty much solid for the first three weekends of May. It is kind of hard to do the freelance thing with the band because of a lot of stuff shooting on weekends when we're playing. I don't want to quit the band, I really enjoy playing with the guys and just wish I wouldn't get passed over for jobs because I might have to play on a Saturday night. It has happened quite a few times.

As I have complained before, you cannot really have a part-time job in this industry because you never know your schedule. If there were only some place that would hire me on a contract style basis so I could take the time off if a shoot comes up. Bah!

The other night I was getting a wee bit depressed about monetary things and was thinking of just saying "fuck it" and going looking for a "real" job. Something like food prep or cooking at Central Market or Whole Foods would be cool. I looked on their websites and there are some positions available but I just don't know if I want to actually apply. I could just do part time, and I know they are really flexible with their schedules there, but to what degree? If I get a call for a commercial shoot that is going to be for five days, or more, would they be cool enough to let me go? On the other hand the second I take a job there, or anywhere, full time that will be when my phone starts ringing off the hook.

Another reason for my hesitation is this new film incentive bill that should go through this week. I don't really know what it entails, but supposedly it is good. L.A. has done some shady things with their incentive, and I believe NYC too, so things could start coming here. But that is a big could.

Do I hold out and hope it gets better? Does anyone out there know how flexible either of the markets are? Do any of you know of any fix for my problem? Sorry to whine about my job situation.


Sean Mathena said...

Why not try to monetize your blogging? You might not be able to bring in money from this one, but what about a specialized horror movie review blog, or some other type of niche blog? There are plenty of people making crazy money blogging part time, why not you?

Damon said...

I guess I could, but there are just so many blogs out there that do the same basic thing I don't know how I could make any money doing something like that. If you have some suggestions send me an e-mail.

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