Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life in the 21st Century

There have been many great inventions to bring us to our current state of technological bliss. One such device I have had the pleasure of using for the past couple of years is glorious box that is my DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

So of course Tivo has been around longer, and may be a better all around system, but it is not the one I use. DVR is included in my digital cable/internet package so this is all I have to base an opinion. It takes some time to set up all of your series records, or season passes, but after that everything is just there waiting for you. I remember the days of having to manually set the VCR, or simply press "record," for each program and using the same VHS tape all of the time. After a while there was quite a bit of distortion, not to mention the collection of multiple quick blips at the very beginning of the tape. I can go out and do whatever I want, watch a show at my leisure, fast forward through the commercials and keep or trash once I'm finished.

Another bonus is I can record something on my one DVR unit, but watch the recording on another one in my house. Not all services off this feature yet, but AT&T Uverse does and I'm happy with the results.

Bad things do tend to happen now and again. Most of the times they are because of stupid sporting events. Take tonight for example, I go to watch the newest episode of The Simpsons and what is on but stupid fucking NASCAR! The whole half hour is filled with the nonsensical past time of watching cars drive around in circles for hours. What the hell is that about? On the plus side, and another great thing about today's times, I can procure the missed show online. Thanks interwebs!

If only a DVR could know to shift the time when a game runs a bit long, or if the show itself goes over the scheduled time. I'm sure that time will come, I will be patient until that day.


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