Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Potty Talk 2

There is something that happens in Men's Rooms everywhere that some are not aware of. Most of the clueless are women, who never spend time in there, but I've talked to a few guys who have never seen this. I'll let Butters from South Park explain:

If you still don't understand from the crappy picture, or have never seen him do this in South Park, I will give more info. Often times little boys (Kindergarten to 2nd Grade) will walk up to the urinal, drop their pants to their ankles, hold the shirt up with both hands and piss away. I remember seeing this in elementary school and thinking it was funny then, but occasionally I have seen it in public places. About a month ago I walked into Target and against the urinal wall was a kid doing this very act. I had to go in a stall to pee because I thought I'd laugh if I stayed near the kid.

I really don't remember ever doing this myself. I guess it is always possible, but I think I would remember urinating with my bare ass exposed in public. I do remember the awesome urinals at my elementary schools. They were blue and had a point system. It was like the skee-ball scoring system with each ring increasing in point value up to a 50 point bullseye. I searched online for a while for a picture of one of these, but I could not find one. Maybe I'll head back to my old school and see if they still have them. I can hear it now, "sir, why are you walking into the boy's room with a camera?"


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