Thursday, March 5, 2009

Good Help is Hard to Find

Yesterday one of my earbuds died. I have had this pair for a quite a while now and they were getting sketchy. It was only a matter of time. Since I had a few errands to run today, one of which was going to be sitting around while my oil was changed and I got new brake pads, so I needed some new earbuds. There is a Wal-Mart on the way to the place I was going. They sell iPods, so they must carry the Apple earbuds.

They had a bunch of iPod accessories, Apple branded, but no earbuds. I had to get something so I checked hear selection. Nothing really jumped out at me. I know a lot of people get fancy headphones, but the classic white ones are just fine for me. I figured I would buy a pair here to leave in my car, then go get the ones I really want as my main set. I settled on some that actually go in your ear canal. I see a ton of people with this kind, so what could I lose?

When I got to the counter in the Electronics department I thought I'd try and ask if they had the Apple brand white iPod earbuds. The woman said they did, and I said there weren't any out there, but she came out to check anyway. I'll be the first to admit I've searched for something many times that was in plain view, but I looked for a long while at their small headphone section and saw nothing. She went immediately to a white pair of some like I was about to buy and said, "here you go, they say 'iPod' on them."

I was polite and said those weren't them and I would just purchase what I already grabbed. On our way back she pointed at another random pair that said "iPod" but we just kept walking.

I don't expect much from people who work in most retail places, especially Wal-Mart. So it's really my own fault for asking.

By the way, they changed my oil but I have to go back tomorrow for the brake pads. As for the earbuds - I'm not really digging them.


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