Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grammar and Meatballs

Tonight my parents and sister were in the area, having driven out to Frisco for some Ikea action, so they wanted to meet for dinner. Jenny and I were game so we had them come towards 635 and we would find somewhere in Addison. Mexican was the type of food wanted so we went to Cristina's, somewhere no one had ever been. The menu on the table proved to be quite entertaining.

Oh, where to begin? If you cannot read it, due to the poor cell phone camera quality, then I will give you the highlights. You can get over the choice to capitalize mostly just the first word of each line by enjoying a "Flavor margarita." If you want to know your choices "(it includes swirls midori and blue)," whatever the hell that is. If margaritas are not your drink of choice then try a mojito they are made "whit bacacardi limon." Some of the more grammatical type of errors I can see the possible problem. Maybe a translation error. What do you call from Spanish to English? Japanese mistranslations is known as Engrish, but Spanglish is mixing Spanish/English, or would it also encompass this type of error? "We love to see you back!!!!" Quite a sentence. It should also be noted I only noticed one error on the actual menu, though I was not looking for them. They had "skillet" replaced with "skiller." Billy, 1maybe you should look into being a freelance copywriter for Mexican restaurants.


I would also like to mention that today marks the release of a new trailer online. This is from a children's book I enjoyed very much, and still like very much - Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs! Obviously the book is very short and would be hard to make a literal film adaptation from so the main character develops the new culinary weather system to help with world hunger. Still looks fantastic! The voice cast includes Anna Faris, Bill Hader, Bruce Campbell and Mr. T. First the Where the Wild Things Are one-sheet hits the internet and now this trailer. A good day. Enjoy!


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