Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Have Your Back... Maybe

I had a thought earlier about friends, fighting and booze. From time to time things tend to happen in bars, or anywhere alcohol is involved. Someone has a few too many and crosses the wrong person. It could be the one with more alcohol is that wrong person, but not necessarily. This just escalates and before you know it - FIGHT!

My question is about one of your friends being involved in the heated moment. Sure, if your buddy gets into a fight you have his/her back. What if they are in the wrong? What if they are the one who is the drunk asshole? It is hard to say what is the right course of action here. I am going to stick by what I would want done if I was the offending person.

-Tell your friend to calm down because they are in the wrong.
-Tell the other party to let it slide.
-If the friend does not heed your advice and keeps pressing on the other party let them get punched like they deserve.

Yeah, if I was being that big of an ass then maybe I need to be punched in the face. This does not mean let me, or your friend, get the shit beat out of me. Let a hit happen then intervene. Just because they are your friend does not mean they don't require a "wake-up."

What would you do?

*By the way, none of this actually happened to me or any of my friends. It was just something I thought of while talking with Billy K and Jan tonight.


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