Monday, March 30, 2009

Movie Theater Etiquette

This is something I bitch about an awful lot, and it will probably happen with every idiot I run into while watching a film. Tonight I went to the Magnolia to watch the AFI Film Festivals Midnight Shorts program. These are all genre shorts and the place was packed. Since all films are up for an audience award the crowd is given ballots to rate the seven shorts.

This woman and her husband sit down to my right and it soon becomes apparent that I should have told her the seats were taken. Evidently their attention span/memory is not that great because instead of waiting until the end of the program they had to rate each entry as it ended. We are all in a blackened theater so this involves a tiny flashlight. It is incredibly annoying when people check their phone while watching a movie, just imagine that with a fucking flashlight! After two instances I thought she would get the idea when I put my hand up to block the light. She even went so far as to apologize, but that did not stop her.

I was going to say something, but I really did not want to start an argument while I was trying to enjoy what was on the screen. I let it slide, but next time something like this happens, and I'm not wearing a press badge, I might have to kill.


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