Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I Still Diss Morocco

While hanging out in Fort Worth after practice tonight, Jan let me know that he has been disappointed in my last few blogs. Evidently the quality of topics have gone way downhill and he finds them uninteresting. To appease him I will now list some things I will cover in the near future:*

- Home Repair
- Complete Squirrel Annihilation and Recipes
- New Orleans in the Good ol' Days
- Self Foundation Repair
- Bathwater Drinking
- Benefits of a Milk Marinade
- The Word "Feck" and its Many Derivatives
- Fiddle Construction
- Why Contemporary Authors are Shit
- Nipple Size and Color
- Numa Numa
- Weed Whacking in Nothing but Cut-Off Jean Shorts
- Correct Pronunciation of "Mischievous"
- Neighborhood Watch
- Whiskey and Scotch
- Mobile Phones, Speakerphone and You
- And of course ... PRESSMEN

I hope this helps. Jan do you approve?

*I realize this blog will only make sense to a small group of you. Sorry.


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