Sunday, March 15, 2009

Potty Talk

Again I slacked and did not get a blog up yesterday. We had eight hours of playing and after getting home my computer was acting up. Being tired I just said "bah" and went to bed. Please forgive me.

Before our last four sets of Celtic insanity the crew went to eat at On the Border in Arlington. The bathroom was a high priority on my list so after ordering I went posthaste to make waste. (Ha!) Public bathrooms are not a big problem for me. Most people hate using them, but I would rather drop a deuce in a stall somewhere instead of someone else's home. I have even gone so far as to make up an excuse to leave when I have just started dating a girl and crap at the nearest gas station/grocery store. Pretty lame, I know.

One of the big problems with public restrooms are one of two things - cleanliness and supplies. OTB's bathrooms were in decent shape, but having been burned by the no toilet paper thing before I now always check ahead of time. One stall had nothing in the dispenser, the other I could see a small roll so there I sat. As my time was drawing to a close I realized this TP roll was inaccessible. These particular dispensers are the kind with two rolls and you slide some panel and the second roll comes into play, but for some reason it would not slide.

What to do? I could get up and hope this bathroom had paper towels (I didn't notice when walking in), but that could pose a problem if they didn't. Not to mention making an odd conversation starter for anyone who might walk in while I was en route. If there was a hand dryer then it would be all for naught, or really messy. My only choice, and what I did, was to break the dispenser. Yeah this sucks to do, but if they checked the damn bathrooms more this would have not been an issue.


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