Monday, March 2, 2009

One at a Time

Alright this post is going to be about the TV show Heroes. If you don't watch the show, or have no interest, then you probably will not want to read this entry.

Ever since a few episodes into last, the second, season people have been blasting Heroes for jumping the shark, or just plain sucking. While I will admit the first season is still by far the best, all of this hostility towards the show is a bit unnecessary.

After the second season I was a little let down. The last couple of episodes were pretty good, but the rest was kind of lackluster. Then when the DVD came out I watched them again over the course of a couple of days and really liked the overall story. There were some really slow episodes, but watching everything together, without a week or more between episodes, seemed to make more sense.

Just because I feel this way does not mean it is a good way to handle a TV show. Unless you are only going to release a DVD and not air the show that will not work. Unfortunately having to succumb to the network's scheduling can really mess up a show. Having a few weeks off at random times, or some big event on another channel so they show a repeat instead of trying to compete. It is a flawed system, but what can you do?

The problems are not to be solely placed on scheduling, because some points in the story were a little too drawn out, uninteresting and/or unbelievable. The feudal Japan stuff really went on a little too long, and some viewers hated the whole idea. I am very forgiving most of the time when in comes to suspension of disbelief (I do enjoy Fringe, heh) so most of the big complaints with the time-traveling roll right off my back. The problems with Hiro's ability are understandable, but come on. This is a show about people with actual powers, how realistic can you be?

This season has garnered a much warmer reception from fans, but still people continue to bitch and moan. Overall, I am really enjoying the story. There are faults with directions some of the characters have gone, or the location of others altogether. Where the hell is Micah? We saw him in one episode, and his badass cousin is out of the picture this season as well. They hide too characters I really enjoy yet manage to bring the fairly annoying random Ali Larter character around time and time again. Another person who has gone way downhill is Claire. We get it, she is an angsty teenager. I keep waiting for her to dye her hair black and slit her wrists. I know she wouldn't die, but is there anymore more emo? I am liking Sylar more and more with each episode. I just wish he was in the show more.

Nathan has his government agency tracking down those with abilities, and for such an elite team they are pretty stupid. Take tonight for instance - back to Isaac Mendez's loft. If Nathan or HRG would learn anything from past experiences it is at some point people will return to that damn loft. Why don't they put this place under constant video surveillance? Why do people keep going there? Who is paying Isaac's rent?

Even though I become a wee bit annoyed with certain aspects of the show, I still enjoy sitting down in front of the TV on Monday nights to watch the newest chapter. What are your thoughts so far this season?


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