Friday, March 27, 2009

The Living Burrito

Today I had lunch at Chipotle. While I was sitting there with my burrito and copy of the Quick I saw some hot sauce leaking through the tortilla. A couple of bites later I realized it appeared to be blood. I checked the burrito and it was only in one spot. There had been a very crunchy (read, burned) piece of chicken that kind of nabbed by gums. I checked the inside of my mouth - nothing.

As the munching progressed there would be a new spot of the red on the burrito. Then I noticed my beard had a bit of hot sauce taking up residence. That must be it. Nope. Fuck it, I just kept eating. Once I got to my car I looked in the mirror to see if I could locate the culprit, and I did. It seems there was a small part of my chapped lips, from being out in the rain all day Wednesday, had cracked causing a tiny bit of blood.

It was nice to find the root of the problem, I was beginning to thing my lunch had the stigmata.


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